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October O'Scrap CU Brads Freebie

Here is your freebie for the October O'Scrap Blog Train.  I really hope you like these brads! They're ok for personal or commercial use and are sized for either taggers or full size scraps.  Click the preview to get your copy of this and read the TOU in the download and if you download, please leave some love :) 
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Rac Autumn Extras

I made this tag with the art of Ismael Rac.  You need a license to use his art, and you can get the license and art at The kit I used was my PTU kit called Autumn Retreat, you can find out more about that kit HERE.
I made a few extras of this tag, hope you can use them in your online groups/forums.  Just do not change the tag in any way whatsoever.

Violet by Zebrush Extras

I made this tag using the awesome PTU tagger kit by Creative Scraps by Crys called Tag Me Colorful!  It is PERFECT with the Violet tube by Zebrush that I got at Pics For Design.  This artist requires a license to use his art.  Here are a few extras I made that you can use within your online groups/forums.  Just do not change the tags whatsoever. 


Spider Girl Cluster Frame Freebie & Tutorial

Here's a cluster frame I made with the FTU kit called Spider Girl by Crystal's Creations.  You can find this kit HERE.  The cluster frame is for personal use only.  Click the preview below to download a copy for yourself, and send others here to this post if they'd like on too!  Hope you like it :)  Leave me a comment to let me know what you think!
Below is a Gimp tutorial on a tag that I made with this cluster frame... so stick around!

I used the art of Tamandya which requires a license to use.  You can get the license and the art at PFD-
I used a FTU mask (HalloweenMask5byJenny) in a great Halloween Mask pack you can get over at the Creative Misfits blog, HERE

1.  Open the cluster, remove background and copyright layers.  Add a layer, fill with black.  Use the ellipse select tool to make a circle where the frame is and go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR on the black layer.
2.  Click and drag the mask into the canvas, use the scale tool to make sure you can see the edges of this mask behind the frame.  Then go to COLORS>INVERT and LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA.  This will make it transparent.  Then go back to COLOR>INVERT and add noise by FILTER>NOISE>RGB NOISE with settings at 20/20/20/0 and correlated checked.
3.  Use the text tool and type out whatever you want the background to say.  I just wrote SPIDERS and copied it about 100 times.  Then I right clicked on this layer in layers box, chose ADD MASK and when the next window pops up make sure the top box is checked (WHITE FULL OPACITY) and click add, then click on the BLEND TOOL and make sure the gradient is set on four bars with the shape selected as radial.  Then click and drag outwards toward the corners of the tag and let go.  This might take a few tries to get the way you like.  Just click EDIT>UNDO until it's right.  Then right click on the layer in layers box again and choose APPLY LAYER MASK. 
4. Add the tube of choice.  Do not forget to add the copyright symbol, artist's name, their website and your license number, if applicable.  I just love the colors of this tube by Tamadya :)  For the close up, I merged the layers of that portion together (right click and merge down), then went to COLOR>DESATURATE.  I right clicked on the black circle layer we made earlier and ALPHA TO SELECTION then clicked on the close up tube layer to make it active in the layers box, SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR... For the full tube, I merged the layers I liked together, then scaled it down a bit.  Add a drop shadow by going to FILTER>LIGHT&SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with settings at 6/6/12.
5.  Add a drop shadow with same settings you just used to the cluster frame. 
6.  I added the name in black with a font called Spider Web Block.  Then right click, ALPHA TO SELECTION, SELECT>GROW by 2, add a new transparent layer, fill with green picked from the bow of the tube (use the color pick tool), then add noise with same settings as earlier.  Add a drop shadow to this too.
7.  Save your tag as .xcf so you can go back in and make changes if you need to, layer by layer.  But when you like what you've done, use the rectangle select tool to crop around the tag and go to IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION.  Save as .png and you're done!
Thanks for viewing this tutorial :)


FTU Halloween Kandi Animated Gimp Tutorial

Check out this tag I made with my FTU kit Eerie Night, you can get that HERE
and I used a fun tube called Kandi, by FourXDesigns, which is perfect for Halloween!  You need a license to use this art, and you can get both the license and tube at
I also used a FTU mask by Insatiable Dreams #600, you can get that HERE

Let's get started!
1.  Open the tube of choice, remove copyright layer and background layer.  Use the flip tool on the close up tube.
2.  Add by dragging/dropping the following from the kit into the canvas:
ELEMENT41- place behind close up
ELEMENT38- 210x546, COLOR>DESATURATE, use pick tool from paper12, then ALPHA TO SELECTION on element38, add new transparent layer, fill with color you picked, in layers box click the arrow to the right of MODE and choose GRAIN MERGE then right click and merge these two layers together.  Duplicate and flip the cipy, place on opposite side of frame.  Duplicate the copy and scale it down.  Then duplicate it and go to LAYERS>TRANSFORM>ROTATE 180 degrees.  Merge all 4 layers together, then click on frame layer to make active in layers box and use the magic wand (fuzzy select tool) and click within the frame.  Go to SELECT>GROW by 4 then click on the PAPER12 layer to make active, SELECT>INVERT and EDIT CLEAR, click on the close up tube layer, EDIT>CLEAR, ELEMENT41, EDIT>CLEAR, and then go back up to SELECT>INVERT and click on the ELEMENT38 layer and EDIT>CLEAR to make the inside of the frame part of the splatters disappear. 
ELEMENT37- 561x344, duplicate and place one above other.
ELEMENT21- 141x146, COLOR>DESATURATE then COLOR>COLORIZE to orange tones, duplicate and scale copy to 93x96
ELEMENT4- 205x156, use the ellipse select tool to create a circle where the eyes and mouth are in this pumpkin.  Then add new layer, fill with the yellow shade picked from pumpkin.  Move this circle behind the pumpkin, you'll use it for the animation.
3. Add drop shadow with settings at 2/2/7 for all layers except the added oval layer for pumpkin.
4.  Add the mask by dragging it into your canvas, scale to 594x755 then go to COLORS>INVERT and LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA, then right click on this in layers box ALPHA TO SELECTION, make paper 8 layer active by clicking on it in layers box, then go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR, the paper is now the mask so you can delete the original mask...
5.  Here's a great spot to add your copyright to your tag, use the copyright symbol, artist's name, website and your license number if applicable.  Then save your tag as .xcf so you can come back into it layer by layer and make adjustments if needed. If you do not want to go on to the animation, just add your name.  I used the font called Moonstone in that same yellow I picked earlier, right clicked, ALPHA TO SELECTION, SELECT>GROW by 2 and add a new layer.  Fill it with a darker shade of orange.  Then add a drop shadow.  Click back on the yellow text and go to FILTERS>DECOR>ADD BEVEL at 5, then save as .png You'll end up with a tag like this:
6. To go on with the animation, right click on that circle yellow layer we made behind the pumpkin earlier and ALPHA TO SELECTION, then every single layer that is under it in the layers box, EDIT>CLEAR on every one.  That way this is basically a hole thru the tag.  Then make the circle invisible and right click on another layer in the layers box and choose MERGE VISIBLE LAYERS.  You'll be left with the circle and the rest of the tag.  The circle goes below of course.  Then duplicate each layer so there's a total of 6 layers- 3 of the rest of the tag and 3 circles.  Order them so they alternate- Tag/Circle, Tag/Circle, Tag/Circle in the layers box.  Leave the top circle plain, then click on the second circle and go to FILTERS>LIGHT & SHADOW>SUPERNOVA the box that comes up will have an X and Y, don't worry, you can click in the preview where to set the supernova, make sure it's the center of the circle.  This will  set the X and Y.  Then the rest of the settings I had at 34/200/0 with the color chosen as a light yellow/white.  Click OK.  Then click on the third circle and go back to FILTERS>LIGHT & SHADOW>SUPERNOVA this time, settings at 70/400/0, hit OK.  Now right click on the first circle circle, ALPHA TO SELECTION and then SELECT>INVERT.  click on second circle to make active and EDIT>CLEAR then third circle to make active and EDIT>CLEAR.  Duplicate the first circle twice and place a copy of it below the supernova circles you just made, so there's 3 layers, 3 layers, 3 layers... Your layers box should look like this:
Now merge layers together... First three together, second three together, third three together.  So you end up with 3 layers TOTAL.  While the top layer is selected, go to IMAGE>MODE>INDEXED with color dithering enabled and FLoyd-Steinberg chosen in the drop down box.  Hit convert.  Make sure white is your background color.  Then right click on each layer and REMOVE ALPHA CHANNEL.  Save the tag as .gif then click SAVE AS ANIMATION and EXPORT.  Crop if needed, 100 milliseconds is fine and Delay checked.  And you're done!  Hope you liked this tag tutorial :)


Elegance by RabidBunny EXTRAS!

I was lucky to play with RabidBunny's new PTU kit, Old Tyme Elegance, which you can find out more about HERE!  It's a gorgeous, calming kit and has tons of elements in it that just all go so well together!  I used art by one of my favorite artists, Alex Prihodko.  His work is available at Pics for Design, click HERE to check out all his tubes for sale! You need to have a PFD license number in order to buy/use tubes made by him.  
I made a few snags for you to use within your groups.  Please note that these may not be altered in any way. If you'd like one of these with your name, I have it for request on my Facebook page going for 24 hours only :)



This kit has been in stores until NOW :)  I am letting all my friends have a copy!  It is PERSONAL USE ONLY.  A Halloween themed kit for taggers to play with! There are plenty of possibilities with this kit. Witches brewing potions with black cats and spiderwebs everywhere... what an Eerie Night!   All I ask is that you say THANKS if you end up downloading!  I'd LOVE to see all you make with it :D  Tag me on Facebook-  or email me at Please read the TOU in download, and do not share this link, direct others here to my blog to download themself... Just click HERE to get your copy. 

ZOMBIES! Gimp Tag Tutorial with FourXDesigns

For this tag, you will want the following:
The frightening PTU Tube "Michelle" by FourXDesigns-
Awesome FREEBIE Wordart by Karra-
Kick ass FREEBIE Masks 112 and 123 by Vaybs-

Let's get started!
1.  Open the tube of choice- I am using Michelle by FourXDesigns. Delete copyright layers, as well as all other layers except the green hair ones.
2.  Open the WA "ZOMBIES" then duplicate the full tube (whole body) and right click and  choose SCALE LAYER and scale the copy down to 200 x 607 and arrange behind the wordart.  Click the invisible "eye" in the layers box next to the original full tube to make it invisible.  When the copies are positioned how you like, right click in the layers box and merge down so all the copy layers of the tube are now just ONE layer.  Click the Fuzzy Select tool (magic wand) and make sure WA layer is selected in layers box then click within every letter in the wordart, you probably will want to zoom in just to make sure you're getting the transparent area within the wordart, and not clicking on the black portion of the WA.  Then when it's selected correctly, go to SELECT>INVERT and click on the copied tube layer in layers box to make it active and then go EDIT>CLEAR.  Add a drop shadow to the WA layer- FILTERS>LIGHT&SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with levels at 0/0/5 I first used a red color, added noise to it by FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE levels at 20/20/20/0 with correlated checked.  Then I added a black drop shadow with same levels, no noise. 
3.  Scale the close up tube to 348 x 521 and place behind the WA by dragging it down in the layers box.  Add drop shadow with levels at 3/3/6.
4.  Drag and drop from the scrapkit into the canvas/tag ELEMENT85 (red frame) and scale to 245 x 343, duplicate, and position the copy of frame as shown in tag.  Merge both frames together to make one layer, then add drop shadow same levels as step 3.
5.  Drag and drop PAPER15 into the tag, right click ADD ALPHA CHANNEL, then use the Ellipse Select tool to make a circle where the right frame is, go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.  Then duplicate PAPER15 layer and use the Flip tool to make the copy flip, arrange as shown in tag.  Merge these two layers together.
6.  Drag and drop ELEMENT64 from kit into tag and scale to 409 x 420, go to LAYER>TRANSFORM>ROTATE 90 degrees CLOCKWISE.  Then move to right side of tag, duplicate, use flip tool and arrange copy on left side.  Merge these two layers together.
7.  Drag and drop ELEMENT55 and scale to 188 x 188, duplicate and arrange as shown, then merge these two layers.  Duplicate and flip.  Add drop shadow same as step 3 and 4, but also add another drop shadow at levels -3/3/6 as well.  Merge all these layers in this step together.
8.  Drag and drop the following and add drop shadows:
ELEMENT46 scale to 200 x 64
ELEMENT54 scale to 90 x 132
ELEMENT60 scale to 767 x 229
ELEMENT47 scale to 87 x 100
ELEMENT58 scale to 135 x176
ELEMENT61 scale to 111 x 89
ELEMENT59 scale to 700 x 250
9.  Drag and drop PAPER3 and PAPER13- these two are going to be the masks.  SO right click and ADD ALPHA CHANNEL.  Then drag and drop DBV Mask 112 into the canvas.  While the mask is selected in layers box, go to COLORS>INVERT then LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA.  It will make the mask transparent.  Right click on the mask layer in layers box and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION then click on PAPER3 layer in layers box to make it active... go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.  The paper is now the mask.  I added noise with same settings as earlier to this layer. Repeat this same thing with DBV Mask 123 and PAPER13 but no noise.  Instead duplicate the mask 3 times to make it less transparent.
10.  This is a great place to stop and crop your tag, SAVE it as .xcf and add your copyright info!!!  What I do is add a white layer and place it at the bottom of the layers box so I can see edges better when I crop.  Then I use the rectangle select tool and go to IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION.  Save as .xcf so you can always come in and make changes later.  Add the copyright information- copyright symbol, artist's name, website, and your license number if applicable.  After you're done with all this you can add the name to your tag.  I am using a font called You Are Loved.  After you type it, right click ALPHA TO SELECTION then SELECT>GROW by 2, add a new layer, fill with white and add a drop shadow.  I also added the hand on top of it just to make it pop out more.  Make sure you remove the white background before you save as a PNG! 

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


CU Halloween Mix 4 Now Available!

Here is the last Halloween commercial use pack I am adding to stores this year... I think LOL!
This designer resource pack has 2 coffin PSD templates- one standing and one open with the PNG examples as shown in preview, 1 hockey mask PSD template and the PNG shown in preview, as well as one black cat, one pumpkin, one portal mask, one skully and a skully overlay. All sized to be used for either full-size scrapbooking or tagger size. 300 DPI. 
You can purchase HERE or HERE or HERE!
Hope you like it :)


CURSED! with WA Freebie

Here's my newest kit, which you can find HERE, HERE or HERE!
This tagger size kit has 15 textured papers and 90 elements. Not for the faint of heart! Great for all your halloween needs!

Some (but not all) of the things included:

4 flowers, 7 plants/leaves, 4 bows/ribbons, skeltons, pumpkins, zombies, ghosts, demons, 6 frames, bats, ravens, a wolf, a black cat, an owl, a rat, 4 different kinds of spiders, brains, blood, weapons, potions, 4 candles, and a complete haunted house scene!

The wordart I used for the title of this kit- the "CURSED" is your personal use freebie today!  Just click HERE to download a copy for yourself.  Read the TOU in the download, and direct others here to my blog post if they'd like a copy too! 
Hope you like this kit and the freebie too :)


How to Make a Ghost in Gimp with FREEBIE

Well, I started playing around in Gimp (as usual) set out to make a ghost.  I took screen shots along the way, so I hope they can help other Gimpers out there.  Maybe even help those who use other programs!  I also am including a full size PNG ghost from this tutorial at a link at the bottom, it is CU/PU OK.  All I ask is to say thanks if you download, credit me in published products, don't take my tutorials and products to another site to share, bring others who are interested HERE! And most importantly, enjoy! 

click the image below to save your copy :)


CU Spiderweb Template Freebie

Well I was playing around trying to make a spiderweb and came up with this... Hope some of you can find it useful- it's full size and in 3 layers for you to customize.  I'd love to see how you use it!  Click the preview and read the TOU and say thanks if you download :)


CU Halloween Mix 3 in stores and FREEBIE

Here is my third commercial use pack that I've made for Halloween.  It is perfect for your projects for Halloween.  There are 6 PSD templates all sized for either tagger or full-size scrapbooking.  They are fully customizable.  Let your imagination play!  I included 6 PNG examples (as shown in preview) that you can use too!  There is a potion bottle, a broom, a cat, a pentagram, a pumpkin and a jar of spiders!  There is also one stary overlay and the example I've made with it :)  You can get this pack, and all my other creations in stores where I sell at! 
Just wanted to briefly mention that I got over 100 downloads on my CU Chrome Butterfly with only 3 comments.  I would think if you can take the time to download my goodies that you can also take the time to say thanks.  I give the freebies because I know what it is like to need something and can't afford it... I want you all to be able to enjoy my creations and not spend a fortune.  So please just let me know you appreciate what I leave here for you.  It really means alot to me.  Thank you so much to everybody who leaves me a comment! 
So here's another freebie.  It's CU OK.  Click on the preview to download, read and follow the TOU and direct others here to my blog post to download.
I hope you like it! 


Halloween CU Mix 2

Here is a new CU mix in time for all your Halloween projects! 
It is made to suit both full size and tagger size needs. Included in the download you will get one chrome brass knuckles png overlay, 3 templates-a skull bridge, a brain, a candle jack-o-lantern face template, and all three come with PNG examples (as shown in preview), a bloody PNG floor and a zombie poser!
You can get this at the stores I sell at!

Thanks for looking :)


CU Sparkle Sneakers

These sneakers are sparkly!  Commercial use okay.  Full sized and available at the stores I sell at!

CU Halloween Mix 1 in Stores!

Here is my first designer resource pack for Halloween.  It has 5 PSD halloween themed templates, all sized for either full size or tagger size.  The PNG examples that are shown in preview are part of this pack and a fun, colorful halloween textured paper also included.  You can find it at the stores I sell at!


Autumn Retreat Recipe Card

Here is a recipe card I made with my kit Autumn Retreat.  You can find out more about this kit by clicking HERE.  This recipe card is for PERSONAL USE ONLY.  I hope it may come in useful!  I love cooking and baking!! Always up for trying new recipes.  Just click the recipe card once and it will open to a full size image then right click and save! 
I made an ink-friendly card using my Cheesy Bacon/Chicken and Pasta Bake recipe that you can use too :)


September O'Scrap CU Freebie

Here's a great CU template for you!  It is a backpack... Great for all those back to school projects.
Click the preview above to download.  Read and follow the TOU in the file.
If you like this freebie, comment here!  A thank you really means alot.
Thanks for stopping by and you can continue on the blog train by clicking the link below :)

Dark Dreamer Cluster Frame Freebie

Here is a freebie cluster frame I put together using my Dark Dreamer kit... Find more about the kit HERE.  You can get the cluster frame by clicking the preview above.  It is for PERSONAL USE ONLY.  Hope you like it!  Would love to see your tags with it!
Check out the tag I made using it... I used an exclusive SATC tube by Barbara Jensen.  LOVE this lol.  Check out Barbara's store HERE

Check out all the AWESOME designs by my CT!!!!

You really should go check out my new CT blog-
Karra from Karra's Kreative Korner helped me get the blog dressed all pretty for you to enjoy!  She used my kit Autumn Retreat and a gorgeous tube by Anna Marine!  Thank you so much for being so awesome Karra :) 

I have extremely talented ladies making some awesome tags and snags and cluster frames with my kits.  Don't miss out on seeing what my creative team has been up to! 


Click HERE to read my TOU.