Summer Wordart

OOOH SUMMER... Doesn't that sound nice? I think so! Here in Eastern Iowa, we still have snow on the ground. But soon enough it will be warm and everyone will be out enjoying it :)

I have some "Summer" wordart I put into the collab over at Creative Misfits... You should definitely get over there and snag it! And here is some to compliment :) Just click the preview to download form 4shared... Hope you like it! xoxox


She's 1 Now :) Free Template!

My baby turned one on February 6th! We had alot of fun celebrating the big day. She ate her first cupcake and made quite a mess! She enjoyed being the center of attention for the day. Khloe is so loving and sweet. She gives hugs (very good ones) and kisses too :) We got her photos taken and I own all copyrights to them. It is nice that you're allowed to purchase that along with the portrait package at some places... definitely an incentive.

I made a tag with my princess's birthday photos and am offering the template for you to snag from 4shared :) Just click the PREVIEW! I hope you like it and I hope you have someone to love forever in your life... xoxox


Template Challenge for Creative Misfits

Hello! Hope your 2011 has been enjoyable thus far :) I am trying to keep up with everything... My son turned 8 last month and is finding an interest in women already! He told me the other day that the contestant on Wheel of Fortune was "even more beautiful than you, Mom." LOL! Boys... What can I say?

And my daughter is turning one in just a couple days! I am a terrible planner but am organizing a few ideas for the festivities. She has a very pretty dress coming. I can't wait to take pictures of her in it! LOL... I love having a lil girl! She definitely is a princess :)

ANYWAYS LOL I made a couple templates for a challenge in Creative Misfits! Go ahead and grab them, along with the other FABULOUS work done by all the misfits!!!! Click the preview below to get there :) xoxox


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